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Bank card:6228480480548523647
Bank name:四川省农业银行甘孜州分 行营业部
Account name:根秋仁波切
Teacher introduction
     Gen Cho Rinpoche was born in 1971 in Naqu region of Tibet best glory filled cloth. Rinpoche's father in the Dzogchen region of origin, named from Ben Yi Xi Sang Bo; his mother was born in Qinghai, the family name is Nangqian GA GA. Rinpoche at the age of 7 started to learn tibetan. In 1980 at the time of the Dzogchen Abbot stick sang Buddha to Tibet, Rinpoche will be one family to Sichuan dege County Dzogchen monastery. Rinpoche then began to practice ritual aspects of learning. In 1984 Rinpoche 14 years old in the Dzogchen monastery eight black Lu GA in law as vino division, three he like the priestly learning, and in Germany by Khenpo thousand Zhuo Nan before listening to " Kunzang lama'i shelung ".
    In 1987 Rinpoche was 17 years old, enter with Qinxi Japan ha five Buddhist Institute, in Wangdirenboqie Khenpo seat ordained Wen Sixiu was close teaching. In 1988, when Rinpoche was 18 years old, in the temple deity Dzogchen Rinpoche month " are " the law, served as the two master one of the master's responsibility. In 1990 Rinpoche Zhang bamboo Barenboqie before, accept Mi Bonrupoche and Palestinian beads all of Rinpoche's writings of inheritance and various empowerments, Dzogchen law practice.
    In 1991, when Rinpoche was 21 years old, in the Sachin temple in Qinghai province Gaji Khenpo Thubten temple in South with Khenpo PEMA Caiwang, big 30 big monk before receiving a Bhikshu precepts, was given the name " process to Gawen resignation ( Translation: release French freedom ring ), and in the South with Khenpo soil on before receiving the Bodhisattva precepts. The Panchen Lama to Dzogchen monastery to accept " Yazawa Mawen ( Zong off Pakistan master prayers " ), conversion, six words, and oral teaching. In addition to his holiness Rooibos Jinmeipengcuo Rinpoche visit with Yin Temple underwent " the thirty-seven song " inheritance.
    In 1992 23 Rinpoche Suizochin Bhai Mar Gesang king followed the traditional authentication, he is Dzogchen lineage teachers a reincarnation of Shazagunga Baden, then Rinpoche and Wu Jin Renzengrenboqie Khenpo, Khenpo Dorji Zahi three people at the same time in the Dzogchen monastery for a ceremony, three Rinpoche was given the " s three living Buddhas" award. In the past year Galun Temple Temple monks and devotees of the invitation to return Galun temple, this temple all witness again or seat held ceremony, Rinpoche was also in the temple of guru Rinpoche presided over the " rules " in law, and taught numerous monks and in family " Zhang Zhu Baren wave cut by Acanthopanax line method ".
    Benevolence " longchen nying-thik ." " " four heart drops and Jigme Lingpa 's two book the empowerments and oral, in addition to the Sakya recorded top worthy of him wu-renbo.
louis vuitton bags authentic
louis vuitton wallet bags authentic